Dear women!
Our skin is like our business card, each wants to have it beautiful, smooth, without blemishes, pimples – no wrinkles, no cellulite!
Nobody’s perfect,so perfect skin doesn’t exist also – everyone has to deal with their skin problems, we – women, due to the changing hormonal balance in our period cycles , need to cope not only with our mood swing but with “skin swing” as well.

With age our skin loses its elastic possibilities, pregnancy also did not help. Strech marks have many women.
If you have turned 30 years old, your skin will not be quite as fantastic as before 30! That’s for sure!

To slow down the loss of firmness and flexibility try to give every day a stimulation. What does that mean?
Well you should do a simple massage with a rush sponge or brush, do it slowly in circular motion and observed reactions, the reaction of the skin. Skin should be slightly reddish.
This simple step will help slow the aging process, will keep your skin in good shape – but it should be done on a regular basis – once a week is not enough.

Dear! good luck!
Do it a cellulite massage every day!
Drink lots of water and green tea!
Cut preservatives from foods where possible!

be Beautiful!

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